Journalism in India Has Placed Itself On Deputation to the Government |

July 7, 2020

Anand K. Sahay Editors have become ‘faceless technicians’ By and large, journalism in India has been a mirror image of its rickety- and tawdry- democracy in the Modi years, and has probably hit its lowest point after the commencement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term in office in May, 2019, with a bigger mandate […]

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Neil O’Brien: The ‘Bengali’ Anglo Indian whom Calcutta loved back

June 26, 2020

By Derek O’Brien A tribute to the quintessential Quiz Master of all seasons in the form of, what else, a quiz It was on this day four years ago that my father, Neil O’Brien, left for the Big Library in the Sky. As a man always surrounded by books – as an author, a publisher, an […]

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The glue of diversity-Thomas L. Friedman

June 14, 2020

Minneapolis is a microcosm of the broad national struggle There are so many prisms through which to view the tectonic events taking place on America’s streets since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but to my mind the most important is that our country is in the process of renegotiating its founding motto, […]

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